The Homestead Root Cellar

I absolutely love this post from Farmer Hick! What a beautiful job they’ve done with their root cellar!

Farmer Hick's Homestead

What would a homestead be without a root cellar?

A lot of vegetables that are grown right here on the homestead end up being stored in the root cellar for winter eating. Let me show you how it can be done.

Situated right next to our house is another underground building. Farmer Hick did not connect this directly to our house, one of the things he’d do differently now. There’s a 3-4 foot wall of dirt between the house and the cellar, retained by railroad ties (you can’t see this because the whole wall is covered in board and batten). Three sides of the cellar are hidden in the ground, the Southern side contains the door.

005 cellar entrance

The cellar measures 10 x 10 feet, opposite the door are the shelves that hold our dairy, eggs and fresh food in winter, the squash and pumpkins from the garden, our basket…

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